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Hmm, what do you think, Sarabi?
—Sarafina to Sarabi

Sarafina is Nala's mother. She is a member of Mufasa's hunting party.



Sarafina was most likely born sometime during Ahadi's reign. It is known that she killed and ate the father of Banzai. When Nala and Simba were infants, she came to an agreement with Mufasa and Sarabi that her daughter would be betrothed to the prince.

The Lion King

Nala: Mom, can I go with Simba?
Sarafina: Hmm, what do you think, Sarabi?
—Nala and Sarafina

Sarafina bathes her daughter, Nala

Sarafina is first seen asleep within the royal den of Pride Rock, Nala snug in her paws. She is later seen washing Nala as the cub converses with Simba. When Nala asks to accompany Simba to the water hole, Sarafina asks Sarabi her thoughts, and the queen agrees to the cubs' proposition. The following day, after Mufasa's death, Sarafina is seen at the coronation of Scar, mourning the death of the king and his son alongside the rest of the lionesses. Throughout the eulogy, Nala is nuzzling her mother's leg and crying. Sarafina's further fate is unknown.

Other roles


The Lion King: Six New Adventures
Nala's Dare

Don't leave Pride Rock. There are hyenas all over the Pride Lands now...
—Sarafina warns Nala

Sarafina allows her daughter to leave the protection of the lionesses in order to visit Chumvi and Kula, Nala's two best friends. As Nala goes to talk to an outsider named Ni, Sarafina and a few other Pride Landers scare him off with loud roars. Afterward, Sarafina herds the three cubs back to Pride Rock. She and Ni later save Nala from five hyenas.
Simba's Big Secret

When Nala goes missing, Sarafina asks Simba where she is. Not wanting to give away his friend's secret, Simba lies, and Sarafina continues to worry over her daughter. Eventually, after some coaxing from his mother, Simba admits that Nala is in a secret cave near the red cliffs, and the pride goes to rescue her. Once Nala is freed from the rock slide that had trapped her in the cave, she rushes to her mother and promises to never again wander off on her own without telling someone.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Sarafina appears in a flashback, watching over Nala as she gets a drink of water from the water hole.

Physical appearance

Nala v. Sarafina

Sarafina compared to her daughter, Nala

Almost identical to her daughter in appearance, Sarafina is long-bodied and lithe with strong limbs and a groomed pelt. Her fur is tawny, while her muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all paler in color. The tip of her nose appears to be a shade paler than her main pelt, with both her upper and lower eye shades being light in color. Her ears are slightly more triangular than Nala's, but her paws are colorless, like Nala's. Her eyes are apple-green.

Personality and traits

Though Sarafina's personality is not explored in the film, she is an important character in an inspired book series, which reveals her to be a protective mother with a good amount of sense and resourcefulness. She can be pretty easygoing with her daughter when times are good, but when danger runs rampant, Sarafina is sure to be guiding Nala to safety. Sarafina is confident in keeping Nala safe, even if the rambunctious cub's antics get in the way.

Voice actors


  • Sarafina originally had a son named Mheetu.[2]
  • Originally, Sarafina had more lines in the film, such as, "Nala, you just had a bath!"[4]
  • In 1987, there was a musical titled Sarafina!, which was adapted into a film, starring Whoopi Goldberg in 1992.


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