Royal Buffalo Wallow
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The Royal Buffalo Wallow
The Pride Lands
Cape Buffalo
The Lion Guard
Usually, the royals are always so stuffy at these things. But this, this is most impressive! Clearly, you understand what the Buffalo Wallow is all about.
Vuruga Vuruga on Kiara's disheveled appearance

The Royal Buffalo Wallow is a royal event in which cape buffalo collectively wallow in the mud. It is traditionally presided over by a royal of Pride Rock.



A herd of cape buffalo in the Pride Lands participates in the event, in which a royal of Pride Rock will announce the start of the Wallow. The herd will then charge and dive into a mud pool, where they will wallow in the mud.

The Lion Guard


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The buffalo wallow in the mud after Kiara's inciting announcement

Simba and Nala, the reigning monarchs of Pride Rock, task their eldest cub, Kiara, with presiding over the Wallow. She arrives to the event covered in mud, but the leader of the cape buffalo, Vuruga Vuruga, praises her for her disheveled appearance. In an undertone, Vuruga Vuruga admits that most royals show up too stuffy for the event, but that Kiara clearly understands what the Wallow is all about.

Kiara thanks Vuruga Vuruga and credits her friends, Tiifu and Zuri, for always encouraging her to look her best. She then steps forward and announces that the Wallow has begun, prompting the cape buffalo to charge forward and wallow in the mud.