General Information
The Rocks
Pumbaa's New Friends

The Rocks is a location in Pumbaa's New Friends. It is part of the chief warthog's sounder's territory.

Physical Attributes

The Rocks is located in an area of dense jungle, and is composed of several large rocks and thick vegetation. It is an easy place to get cornered, as Pumbaa discovers when he is tricked by Growler.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Pumbaa's New Friends

A jealous Growler attempts to frame Pumbaa by speaking with the chief warthog, lying to him that Pumbaa has plans to steal the sounder's land. Enraged, the chief warthog agrees to ambush Pumbaa when Growler leads him to the Rocks. With the plan in motion, Growler acts unusually friendly toward Pumbaa and tricks him into following him to the Rocks.

Growler leads an oblivious Pumbaa to the Rocks, where the chief warthog and his followers surround Pumbaa. Pumbaa tries to reason with the angry warthogs, but in his bumbling explanation, he manages to make them all laugh with his silly antics, and Growler's mother comes up just in time, breathlessly explaining her son's trickery to the chief warthog. Relieved to not have to hurt Pumbaa, the sounder invites Pumbaa and his friends to share one last meal of grubs with them. After the meal, Pumbaa says his goodbyes, and he returns home with his two friends, Simba and Timon.

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