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Pride Landers

Rock'n'cha is a chameleon who makes his first and only appearance in Operation Pridelands. He is a Pride Lander who fled the reign of Scar.



Rock'n'cha is a chameleon who lived during Scar's reign. Due to the poor conditions of the Pride Lands, he left to live in the jungle.

Operation Pridelands

When Timon and Pumbaa come to bring Rock'n'cha home, the chameleon asks Timon whether he has a "backstage pass" to view his dance moves, but Timon insists on delivering his message. However, when he informs Rock'n'cha that he can return to the Pride Lands, the chameleon refuses to come home, as he enjoys the partying atmosphere of the jungle.


Rock'n'cha at the celebratory bonfire

Timon insists that even more animals will party with Rock'n'cha in the Pride Lands, and the chameleon challenges Timon to a dance-off in order to prove to him that he has good dance moves. Timon reluctantly agrees, and Rock'n'cha makes him dress up before the competition. Once Timon is fully garbed in costume, Rock'n'cha begins the competition, and Timon proves to him that he can bust a move.

After Timon's victory, Rock'n'cha agrees to return to the Pride Lands. However, as Timon and Pumbaa are leaving the jungle, Rock'n'cha invites them to a celebratory bonfire. There, he encourages Timon to dance.

Physical appearance

Rock'n'cha is a small chameleon with a large head, pale turquoise scales, and white hands and feet. His lips are green, as are the spots that dot his upper chest. He has distinctive violet eyes.

Personality and traits

Boisterous and always down for a dance, Rock'n'cha loves to party and hardly knows when to sit still. He is bold to approach strangers and enjoys a bit of competition.