Riptail's fleet
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Riptail's fleet




The Jungle

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Simba Rules, OK?

Riptail's fleet is a group of crocodiles featured in Simba Rules, OK?


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Simba Rules, OK?

At the onset of the story, Riptail and his fleet hold complete control over the river, preventing many animals from crossing over to the other side, including the Lead Monkey and his troop. With the help of Simba and his friends, the monkeys trap Riptail, the tyrannical leader of the troop, and give him back his life in exchange for his word that the river will no longer be blockaded.

True to his word, Riptail calls his fleet to assist the monkeys in their passage across the river. Following his defeat by Simba, Riptail agrees to rule the river in friendship, as opposed to fear. It is assumed his fleet approves the change, as they are happily willing to help the monkeys cross the river.

Notable members

  • Riptail is the leader of the fleet.