Revenge of the Tortoise
Revenge of the Tortoise 1
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The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series




Rafiki Remembers


1995 – 1997



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Don't be surprised if creatures that at first appear to be weak eventually show hidden strengths.

Revenge of the Tortoise is a story from the Rafiki Remembers magazine collection. It was published in the 1990s as part of The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series.


When the harvest season comes, Elephant invites the other animals to help him gather his crops. However, he does not invite Tortoise, who questions the others as to why he had not been invited. Antelope explains that Elephant had feared that Tortoise would not be strong enough to do the work, and a furious Tortoise begins to plot his revenge.

That evening, after the farm has been vacated, Tortoise asks his friend Rabbit to dig a tunnel by Elephant's farm. The following day, the other animals return, and Elephant tells his son to fetch food and drink for the workers. In the middle of the errand, Elephant's son hears a beautiful song coming from the ground, and he slowly begins to dance, completely forgetting his task.

Meanwhile, Elephant checks on his son's progress and finds that his wife and daughters are now dancing alongside his son. The other animals grow hot and tired, and decide to leave the farm, but on their way out, they see Elephant and his family dancing. The music entrances them, and they join in the dance, forgetting their hunger and thirst.

The animals dance until dusk, when the music abruptly stops and Tortoise emerges carrying a guitar. He tells Elephant that though he may not be strong enough to work on the farm, music holds enough power to make an animal dance and forget everything else. He then warns Elephant to not underestimate those who are weaker than him. Elephant is too exhausted to reply.