Kobi and Prita
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Kobi (mother)

Eat-eat num-num?
―Prita questions Kobi

Prita is a vulture who was set to appear in The Lion King when it was initially titled King of the Jungle.


The Lion King (January 1990)


Concept artwork of Kobi and Prita

Kobi and Prita can be seen in the very first scene, drifting menacingly over the savanna. They can later be seen gathering around the lionesses as they make a kill, tense and ready to claim the abandoned carcass. While Prita is anxious to eat, Kobi is more patient and holds her son back with one wing. Soon enough, the pride has taken its fill, and the vultures move in to eat.

Physical appearance

By the end of the script, Prita is full-grown, though he is said to be less beady-eyed and craggy than his mother Kobi. According to concept artwork, he had dusky brown feathers.

Personality and traits

As a youngster, Prita is shown to be delighted by flying, energetic and youthful. He is also considerably impatient, unwilling to wait for the lionesses to finish their catch before he tries to steal the meat for himself. As an adult, he has grown somber and takes to shadowing his mother's every move.