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Pride Rock
Pride Rock
Simba's Presentation
Scar's Coronation
The Battle of Pride Rock
Simba's Coronation
Fluffy's Presentation
Kiara's Presentation
The Exile of Kovu
The Marriage of Kovu and Kiara
The Lion King
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
The Lion King 1½
The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa
Pumbaa: "Pride Rock."
Timon: "So majestic."
Pumbaa: "So powerful."
Timon: "So...bizarrely named. Pumbaa, how can a rock be proud? It's a rock!"
Pumbaa: "Well, I think it's because a "pride" is what they call a group of lions."
Timon: "Oh, sure, the lions get Pride Rock."
Timon and Pumbaa

Pride Rock is a magnificent rock formation that serves as a central location in The Lion King universe.



Pride Rock as it appears in The Lion King 1½

Its most conspicuous feature is a large rock platform that is analogous to a royal throne. On this platform, the lion king of the Pride Lands stands while the animals of his kingdom pay homage to him. It is also the place where the alpha lion's offspring that will succeed him is presented to the animals in a ceremony. Also, when the new ruling lion ascends to ruler ship of the lands, he stands on the platform and roars loudly, formally claiming control of The Pride Lands. The other lions of the den gather below the platform and roar in reply, signifying their acknowledgment and acceptance of the new Lion King.


  • The Royal Den: A cave within the structure of Pride Rock that serves as a sleeping place for the royal family and the lionesses. In the first film, the king and queen have a spot at the back of the den, while the lionesses fan out around them. However, in the sequel, the king and queen appear to be towards the front of the cave, with no lionesses in sight. It often shifts position and appearance throughout the sequel.
  • The Royal Den
  • The sleeping place of the royal family
  • The entrance to the Royal Den
  • The entrance to the Royal Den in Simba's Pride
  • Inside looking out in Simba's Pride

  • The Summit: the very top of Pride Rock. Officially named in A Tale of Two Brothers, the Summit is the location of many important scenes, such as when Mufasa shows the kingdom to his son and when Simba confronts Scar for the final battle.
  • Mufasa and Simba on the Summit
  • The Pride Lands as viewed from the Summit
  • Scar's view from the top of the Summit looking down

  • The Peak: the promontory that extends from the base of the rock. It is mainly used as a platform for the royal family to stand on while addressing their subjects. It is also used to present future heirs to the kingdom. Both Simba and his daughter Kiara are presented from the peak of Pride Rock.
  • Simba's first appearance at the peak of Pride Rock
  • Simba almost falling from the peak of Pride Rock
  • Scar pins Simba at the peak of Pride Rock
  • The peak of Pride Rock in the rain
  • Simba roars from the peak

  • The Entrance: the pathway surrounded by rocks that leads to the peak. It is located to the peak's left. Below the pathway there is a small pile of rocks. It is very sandy.
  • Zazu and Simba at the entrace

Royal Blooded Rulers of Pride Rock

  • Mohatu: the first known king of Pride Rock who is respectively named, Mohatu was well known for his wisdom and diplomatic nature. It is unknown whether he was of royal blood, though he most likely had a succeeder, Ahadi or Uru.
  • Ahadi: either the son of Mohatu or the betrothal of Uru, this king is most known for keeping his kingdom together during a severe drought. Brave and hardworking, Ahadi strived to keep tensions neutral within his kingdom. It is unknown whether he was of royal blood, though he had two sons, Mufasa and Taka, who were. Ultimately, he chose Mufasa, his first born, to be the next ruler of Pride Rock.
  • Uru: the mate of Ahadi, this lioness was not present during the main plot of A Tale of Two Brothers, as she was out searching for a new source of water for her suffering homeland. It is unknown if she was of royal blood, though she had two sons, Mufasa and Taka, who were.
  • Mufasa: perhaps the wisest king to rule Pride Rock, Mufasa was a faithful son, a supportive brother, and a devoted father. He was ultimately chosen over his younger brother, Taka, to be king, a fact which the latter resented to the point of murder. Taka, or Scar, killed Mufasa by setting off a wildebeest stampede on Simba in order to draw the king to his ultimate demise. Mufasa's spirit moved into the sky, however, and he was the main driving factor in Simba's return to claim Pride Rock.
  • Scar: jealous of his brother's position and reputation, Scar was driven to the point of murder in his zealous rage against Mufasa. He was the younger son of Ahadi and Uru, and therefore, second in line to receive the throne. When Simba was born, he plotted against his brother and nephew. Mufasa was killed and Simba driven away, leaving Scar to be king. However, Simba returned to Pride Rock, now a young adult, and defeated his uncle in battle. Scar was then betrayed by his hyena minions and devoured amongst the flames of his own demise.
  • Simba: the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, this young king sparked a series of events that threw Pride Rock into turmoil. After experiencing his father's death and being told to run away by his scheming uncle, young Simba fled from all he'd ever known and took up residence in a lush jungle paradise. But through the efforts of childhood friend Nala, mystic sage Rafiki, and the spirit of Mufasa, Simba ultimately returned to Pride Rock and defeated his evil uncle.
  • Kiara: born to Simba and Nala, this royal-blooded lioness grew up amongst the safety of the Pride Lands and her father's watchful eye. But when mischief got the best of her, she met and befriend an Outlander cub named Kovu. Despite their parents' rivalry, the two became friends. Upon reaching adulthood, Kovu is sent by his mother to kill Kiara's father, Simba, but the young lion ends up falling in love with her and the two work together to save and combine their prides. Kiara's succession to the throne with king consort Kovu is assumed.


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