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Pride Rock
Pride Rock
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Pride Rock
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Simba's Presentation
Scar's Coronation
The Battle of Pride Rock
Simba's Coronation
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Kovu's Exile
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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa
The Lion Guard
Pumbaa: Pride Rock.
Timon: So majestic.
Pumbaa: So powerful.
Timon: So...bizarrely named. Pumbaa, how can a rock be proud? It's a rock!
Pumbaa: Well, I think it's because a 'pride' is what they call a group of lions.
Timon: Oh, sure, the lions get Pride Rock.
Timon and Pumbaa

Pride Rock is a magnificent rock formation that serves as a central location in The Lion King universe. It is home to the monarchy.




Simba uses Pride Rock to decree an exile

Pride Rock serves several key purposes: it houses the monarch and his pride, serves as the central meeting place for residents, and is the place where official business is conducted.

A strategically advantageous location, Pride Rock proves the perfect home for a monarch, as it provides a clear view of the Pride Lands, including its bordering territories, the Elephant Graveyard and the Outlands. The monarch can use the summit to keep an eye on the kingdom, while he utilizes the peak to conduct official business and ceremony, and the inner caves to house his family and pride.

Every manner of professional business is established on the peak of Pride Rock, including presentations of future monarchs, coronations for new kings and queens, and official announcements and decrees. It is also the place where the residents of the Pride Lands may pay homage to their monarch and his family.


The Entryway

The entryway serves as the entrance and pathway to the royal den and the peak. It is located to the left of the peak and is surrounded by rocks, with a small pile of stones at its base. The ground of the entryway is made up of sand.

The Peak

The peak is the promontory that extends from the base of Pride Rock. It is the area where official business is conducted, including royal announcements, presentations, coronations, etc.

The Summit

The summit is the highest point on Pride Rock. It serves as a vantage point for the monarch to overlook his kingdom and its bordering territories. It is officially named in A Tale of Two Brothers.

The Royal Den

The royal den is a cave within Pride Rock. It serves as the official sleeping place for the monarch and his family. In the original film, the monarch has a place at the back of the cavern where he and his family sleep, while the lionesses fan around him. However, in the sequel, the monarch and his family sleep at the front of the cavern, while the lionesses cluster together in the back.

The Lair of the Lion Guard

The Lair of the Lion Guard is a cave in Pride Rock. It serves as the official meeting place of the Lion Guard.

Royal-blooded Rulers of Pride Rock

Name Information Betrothal Succession Right Picture


The Lion King

Pride Rock is first seen during the "Circle of Life" sequence when Simba is presented to the gathered Pride Landers by Rafiki. Once he grows into a lively cub, Simba is taken to the summit of Pride Rock, where Mufasa presents him with his future kingdom and warns him to never visit the Elephant Graveyard.

Muffy atop PR

Pride Rock before Simba's presentation

Following Mufasa's death, Scar ascends the peak of Pride Rock to take his place as king. Once under the reign of Scar, the Pride Lands fall into disarray, and Pride Rock becomes a concentration camp of sorts, where Scar lazes day after day, surrounded by his loyal pack of hyenas. This comes to Simba's attention through Nala, who convinces him to return and take his place as king. A battle instigates on Pride Rock, and Simba fights Scar on the summit, where he flips his uncle onto the ground. There, Scar is betrayed and killed by his own minions.

With Scar dead, Simba ascends Pride Rock to take his place as king, roaring from the peak. Months later, Simba stands proudly next to Nala and his friends Timon and Pumbaa to watch as his cub is presented to the gathered Pride Landers.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

As in the first film, Pride Rock is the site of a royal cub's presentation. With her parents watching proudly, Kiara is presented to the gathered Pride Landers by Rafiki. She later argues with her father on Pride Rock, begging to leave the safety of the Pride Lands in order to explore the dangerous Outlands. When she follows through with her disobedient ambitions, Kiara is guided home by her father, much to her dismay.


The sun rises over Pride Rock

Years later, with Kiara now a young adult, she departs for her first hunt from Pride Rock. After the failed hunt results in Kovu's induction into the pride, Simba leads his pride home and forces Kovu to sleep outside the royal den. The following night, however, Simba allows the young lion to sleep with the rest of the pride, much to the dismay of Vitani, who's watching Pride Rock from afar.

After Kovu's betrayal, Simba exiles the Outsider from the Pride Lands from atop Pride Rock. Simba relents later on in the film, bringing both Kovu and his pride back to the Pride Lands in order to induct them back into the pride. On Pride Rock, Kovu and Kiara are married, and Simba and Nala reaffirm their rule over the Pride Lands.

The Lion King 1½

Pride Rock is seen in the same scenes as in the first film. However, its role is somewhat expanded, as Timon believes "the big pointy rock" to be his dream home. He later decides against this, as he discovers that a pride of lions resides in Pride Rock.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

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Pride Rock at dawn

At the start of the film, Simba is training Kiara atop Pride Rock. In the middle of their lesson, they are interrupted by Bunga and Kion, who are playing Baobab Ball, but Simba orders the two away so that he can talk to Kiara. In a fit of bravery, Bunga jumps off Pride Rock, with Kion watching in shock.

Bunga and Kion later return to Pride Rock, where they are shown the Lair of the Lion Guard by Rafiki and Simba. There, Kion learns that he is the leader of the Lion Guard, a group tasked with protecting the Pride Lands.

The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

Around the World with Timon & Pumbaa

In order to revive Pumbaa's memories, Timon holds him up on Pride Rock.

"The Man From J.U.N.G.L.E."

Pride Rock is seen when Chromosome Quint traps Timon, who is dressed as a superhero called Super Duper Hero X, in his aircraft and is about to reveal the superhero's secret identity to the animals. After Timon, Pumbaa, and Speedy the Snail, who is the real Hero X, pull a lever that stops the aircraft from revealing Hero X's secret identity, the three realize that it also makes the aircraft stop working. It is mentioned at the end that Speedy saved Timon and Pumbaa, Pride Rock, and all the jungle animals.

"Truth Be Told"

Pride Rock is mentioned by Rafiki, when he tells a joke about him walking all the way from the said rock and it caused his walking stick to be tired.

The Lion Guard

"The Rise of Makuu"

When Makuu invades Big Springs, he offsets the habitats of the Pride Landers, and the baboons are pushed into Pride Rock. Kion arrives on the scene, and Kiara implores him to fix the problem. Eventually, Kion drives out Makuu, and the baboons return to their usual habitat.

"Can't Wait to be Queen"

Kiara watches her parents depart from Pride Rock

Simba is invited to attend a funeral, and in his absence, he leaves Kiara in charge. As the king strides away with Nala and Zazu, Kiara watches from the peak of Pride Rock. She later appears before Kion, striding out of the royal den to get a morning report from Ono, after which she issues her first decree as queen.

When Kion returns, stung by the bees he'd foolishly tried to move, Kiara chides him in the royal den, reminding him that she is the queen. Not long after this, Mzingo meets Kiara at the peak of Pride Rock and asks her to meet with Janja for a peace proposal.

At the end of the episode, Kiara and Kion welcome their parents home on Pride Rock.

"The Mbali Fields Migration"

Kion meets with his father, Simba, atop Pride Rock, where Simba tasks Kion with leading a migration. From the peak of Pride Rock, the king shows Mbali Fields to his son.

"Bunga and the King"

The royal family departs Pride Rock to attend an elephant concert.

"Too Many Termites"

The Lion Guard meets Simba on Pride Rock to discuss the termite problem. There, Simba explains to the team that the aardwolves keep the termite population under control.

"The Lost Gorillas"

Kion leads two gorilla princes, Hafifu and Majinuni, to Pride Rock. They meet with Simba, but admit that they have forgotten the message from their father, Sokwe. Simba tasks his son, Kion, with returning the gorillas home and bringing back Sokwe's message. After Kion follows through on his mission, he reports back to Pride Rock with Sokwe's declaration of peace.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

A Tale of Two Brothers

After Simba promises his son Kopa the chance to see the Pride Lands from the summit of Pride Rock, Kopa is eager to go. However, kingly duties soon get in the way, and only a story from Rafiki can convince Simba to fulfill his promise.

A Snake in the Grass

When Kopa becomes grumpy, Nala leaves him in the able paws of Timon and Pumbaa, and heads back to Pride Rock.

A Little Help From a Friend

At the start of the story, Kiara awakens her father Simba, who is asleep in the royal den. Once the two exit the den, Zazu flutters up to the king, clamoring about an Outsider invasion. With such news, Simba is forced to cut the walk short, though he later reunites with his daughter beside Pride Rock after the Outsiders have been driven away.



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