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The monarchy observed in the Pride Lands serves as the official head of the kingdom. It is a pride of lions, led by a single king or queen, that has dominion over the other species.


The monarchy operates as an absolute monarchy, in which the current monarch exercises supreme governing authority as both the head of state and head of government. The animals of the Pride Lands serve as the subjects of the alpha lion, who, in turn, serves as the monarch.

Succession to the crown is hereditary, and the monarchy appears to have absolute (or equal) primogeniture, meaning that no gender is preferred over the other. However, as seen with Scar, a succession may occur due to a coup d'état.

The current monarch of the Pride Lands is Simba, and his heir apparent is Kiara. Kiara will be the first known queen regnant to rule the Pride Lands, as opposed to queen consorts such as Sarabi or Nala.


Monarchs are supreme rulers of the Pride Lands, often chosen through hereditary connections or usurpation.

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Consorts are mates chosen by the royal-blooded monarchs to rule at their sides. Betrothals are chosen by parents, as dictated by tradition. Presumably, neither the consorts nor the betrothals have a say in the matter, until the reigning king dies and the new king decides otherwise.

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The heir is the lion next in line for the throne after the reigning monarch passes away, steps down from power, or retires. Contrary to popular belief, the child of the current monarch is not the only sole heir. Everyone from children, siblings, and even distant cousins are in line for the throne, a necessary procedure if the current monarch is unable to rule, if the monarch changes their mind about the line of succession, or if the monarch doesn't produce an offspring to succeed him or her.

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