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I know a place where there are thousands of huge, shiny stones which would make those little things look like grains of sand! If you like, I'll tell you where to look for them!
―Pilfer to Timon

Pilfer is a parrot who makes his/her first and only appearance in The Shiny Stones. S/he directs Timon on an adventure to find shiny stones.



Pilfer lives in the jungle, where s/he once encountered a great horde of large, shiny stones.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

The Shiny Stones

If a silly parrot hadn't told me where to look for more shiny stones, I'd still be safe at home with my friends!
―Timon about Pilfer

Captivated by Timon's shiny stones, Pilfer steals the treasure from the meerkat, who shakes his fist angrily at the bird. No sooner has Timon done this when a cape dog appears, ready to eat Timon. Before the carnivore can devour Timon, Pilfer drops his/her stone on the predator's head, and the cape dog runs away in a hurry. No longer angry at the parrot, Timon begins to exchange old savanna stories with Pilfer, who soon becomes like an old friend.

While talking, Pilfer reveals to Timon that there are more shiny stones elsewhere. Wanting to impress Pumbaa and Simba, Timon agrees to follow the parrot's directions to the shiny stones. When he reaches the location, however, he is informed by an aardvark named Arnold that parrots had long ago extracted all the shiny stones from their original location.

Physical appearance

But you'll not find any stone more colorful than my feathers!
―Pilfer to Timon

Pilfer is a long-bodied and deep-chested parrot with dark eyes, wide wings, and long talons. Like most parrots, s/he has a broad beak with a large upper mandible and a sharp lower mandible. While his/her chest is scruffier than the rest of his/her body, his/her back is smooth and unbroken by ruffles, though his/her entire body is red, save the backs of his/her wings, which are blue. His/Her chest is slightly darker in color, and his/her face is a creamy tan.

Personality and traits

Despite his/her playful nature, Pilfer is helpful and thrifty. True to his/her name, s/he doesn't hesitate to take objects that fascinate him/her, though s/he is more concerned about the safety of others than his/her own ventures, as seen when s/he is willing to use his/her precious treasure to keep a cape dog from hurting Timon.