Flying Parrot
Scientific Name



3 to 40 inches


0.41 to 9 pounds


95 years on average







Parrots are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe.


Parrots range in size from the tiny Buff-faced Pygmy Parrot to the Hyacinth Macaw and the Kakapo. Every bird shares the same broad, curved beak with a large upper mandible and a sharp lower mandible, and most have elongated claws that help the bird to climb and swing. Some parrots are brightly colored, while still others sport crests of feathers on their heads.


In the Real World

Parrots can be found on all tropical and subtropical continents, including Africa, Australia, Asia, and South America. Certain parrots are able to stand cooler, temperate locations, such as New Zealand and parts of South America. The Carolina Parakeet used to reside in temperate North America, but it was hunted to extinction in the 20th century. Though not fully sedentary or migratory, parrots are known for creating odd migration patterns, with some even adopting a nomadic-esque lifestyle.

Omnivorous by nature, parrots feed on fruit, nectar, seeds, and even small animal prey. Their primary diet consists of seeds, for which their bills are especially useful. Parrot tongues and specialized gut adaptations are sometimes used in order for the bird to consume nectar and pollen.[1] Other birds feed on small animals, such as snails, though the Keas of New Zealand are famous for taking down and eating full-grown sheep.[2]

In The Lion King: Six New Adventures

In A Tale of Two Brothers

Parrots can be seen complaining to Ahadi about the drought. One parrot in particular interrupts the king's argument with his sons, reminding the lions that the crown is not as important as the problem at hand.

In A Snake in the Grass

While gathering sticks to throw at Joka, Timon is spooked by two passing parrots.

In the Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

In The Shiny Stones

A parrot named Pilfer is seen stealing shiny stones from Timon, who shakes his fist angrily at the bird. No sooner has the meerkat done this when a cape dog appears, ready to eat Timon. Before the carnivore can devour Timon, Pilfer drops his stone on the predator's head, and the cape dog runs away in a hurry. No longer angry at the parrot, Timon begins to exchange savanna stories with Pilfer, who soon becomes like an old friend.

While talking, Pilfer reveals to Timon that there are more shiny stones elsewhere. Wanting to impress Pumbaa and Simba, Timon agrees to follow the parrot's directions to the shiny stones. When he reaches the location, however, he is informed by an aardvark named Arnold that parrots had long ago extracted all the shiny stones from their original location.

In A Gift from the Heavens

A pair of knowledgeable parrots approach Great-Fighter when he claims to be a great king of the past. They question Great-Fighter about his reign, and when he is unable to answer their questions correctly, he runs away before Simba can find out that he's a fake.


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