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Mayai (brother)

Oh, Zazu, I haven't seen my brother, Mayai, for hours! Maybe the strange beast caught him!
―Pamba tricks Zazu

Pamba is a baby ostrich who makes her first and only appearance in How True, Zazu? She is a Pride Lander.



Pamba is a baby ostrich who lived during the reign of Mufasa.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

How True, Zazu?

Pamba: Are you sure we should do this?
Mayai: Oh, Pamba, you're such a scaredy-cat. This will be fun.
—Mayai and Pamba

Pamba and her brother, Mayai, are drawn into Cheka's dastardly plans when they are asked to spread a rumor across the Pride Lands. Although Pamba is at first hesitant to carry through with the plan, her brother's jeers eventually win her over.

The young animals put their idea into play, but the plan ends up working too well, and after a fearsome army ant attack, the children confess to Mufasa all that they had done. Though Pamba's parents are angry with their children for their foolishness, Mufasa is fair and instructs the young animals to help Zazu gather news from the Pride Lands in order to correct their earlier mistake.

Personality and traits

Pamba's an airhead.
Mayai about Pamba

Despite her rambunctious nature, Pamba is more morally sound than her mischievous brother, Mayai. When all the animals plot to get Zazu in trouble, she is hesitant to follow their lead. Her resolves are not strong, as she goes along with the plan when the others, more specifically her brother, accuse her of being a "scaredy-cat."


  • It is presumed that Pudini is Pamba's mother, for she has two unnamed children, and Mayai and Pamba are referred to as "the ostrich babies."