6'11" to 9'2" (males)
5'7" to 6'7" (females)


139 to 320 pounds


Up to 45 years in captivity






Cape Dogs

Ostriches are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe.


In the Real World

Ostriches usually weigh from 139 to 320 pounds, with exceptional male ostriches weighing up to 340 pounds. The feathers of adult males are mostly black, with white primaries and a white tail. However, the tail of one subspecies is buff. Females and young males are grayish-brown and white. The head and neck of both male and female ostriches are nearly bare, with a thin layer of down. The skin of the females' necks and thighs are pinkish gray, while the males' are blue-gray, gray, or pink, depending on subspecies.

In the Universe

The Lion King


Simba and Nala briefly ride two ostriches during "I Just Can't Wait to be King"

Simba and Nala ride two ostriches, one fuchsia and one purple, during "I Just Can't Wait to be King." They sing along with Simba, Nala, and various other animals later in the song, appearing on the very top of the animal pyramid for the finale of the number.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Ostriches first appear during Kiara's presentation, and later appear during "We Are One." They appear again briefly when Rafiki takes Kiara and Kovu to "Upendi." A bunch of ostriches are seen again during the song "One of Us" when Simba exiles Kovu, some of them attempting to peck Kovu on the head to drive him out of the Pride Lands. These ostriches look slightly different from the ones seen in the previous film.

The Lion King 1½

Ostriches can be seen during the same scenes as they appeared in the original film.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

A Tale of Two Brothers

Ostriches can be seen complaining to Ahadi about the drought. One ostrich in particular worries about the hyenas picking off her children. In the middle of the scuffle, Taka reminds his father that he'd promised to take his sons hunting, and glances meaningfully at an ostrich.


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