On Holiday with Timon & Pumbaa
1997 - 2005

On Holiday with Timon & Pumbaa

On Holiday with Timon & Pumbaa
August 15, 1997
March 14, 2005 (re-released)
70 minutes

On Holiday with Timon & Pumbaa is a home video inspired by The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It was first released on VHS on August 15, 1997, then it got re-released on VHS and DVD on March 14, 2005. Unlike the first volume Around the World with Timon & Pumbaa, the home video has no cut scenes, making it be basically a compilation of six episodes from the television series. It is also the third of three volume compilations about Timon and Pumbaa. The other two are Around the World with Timon & Pumbaa and Dining Out with Timon & Pumbaa.


1997 release

"Lion King fans rejoice! Your favourite comedy team from Disney's epic animated Classic returns to star in their own outrageous adventures around the world! Follow wisecracking meerkat Timon and his trusty warthog pal Pumbaa on a feeding fenzy of action-packed fun from North America to the South Seas.

You're booked on a hilarious holiday jaunt with Timon and Pumbaa! Hang on to your matador as the pair butts heads with El Toro - the bravest bull in all of spain. Then, pack some antacids for the South Seas - where Pumbaa gets 'South Sea Sick' and Timon plays nursemaid!

Rounding out the trip, pals Simba and Rafiki reunite with the wacky duo for a rip-roaring rendition of the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' - making ON HOLIDAY WITH TIMON & PUMBAA an unforgettable journey for Lion King lovers worldwide!"[1]

2005 re-release

"First destination - Africa. In 'Kenya Be My Friend?,' Timon and Pumbaa forget how to be friends when Timon forgets 'Bestest Best Friend Day.' In 'South Sea Sick,' Timon plays doctor when Pumbaa eats a bad bug - but the cure may kill first. Then in 'Uganda Be an Elephant,' Pumbaa learns he's happy just being himself after he tries to be one of the more popular animals in the jungle. Then, it's off to Central America in 'How to Beat the High Costa Rica.' A crook and his money are soon parted when Timon and Pumbaa try to recover stolen money from the evil bank robber, Quint."[2]



"Kenya Be My Friend?"
"South Sea Sick"
"Uganda Be an Elephant"
"The Pain in Spain"
"How to Beat the High Costa Rica"
"You Ghana Join the Club"


Ned the Elephant
El Toro
The Teds
The Savage Lion


"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"



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