Old Fearless Buzz
Fearless buzz and hyenas
General Information

Martin Erskine


Seth Friedman



Usage Information

"Old Fearless Buzz" is an early version of "Digga Tunnah". It is sung by meerkats about a brave meerkat named Buzz, who attempted to take on the hyenas.


Sing the ballad of Fearless Buzz
Greatest meerkat there ever was
Said no meerkat should have to hide
Wiped his paws off and went outside
Fought a fearsome hyena back
Even till he was blue and black
But forgot hyenas roam in a pack
Meerkat brave equals meerkat snack


The Lion King 3 - Deleted Scenes - Fearless Buzz00:57

The Lion King 3 - Deleted Scenes - Fearless Buzz

"Old Fearless Buzz"

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