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Nzee's herd




The Pride Lands

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Vulture Shock

Simba: Who speaks for the antelopes here?
Nzee: It's like this, Simba. We love our water hole. It's cool. It's fresh. And it's clear.
Simba: But?
Nzee: But we can't drink with that slob Kiboko in it!
Simba and Nzee

Nzee's herd is a group of antelope from The Lion King: Six New Adventures.


The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Vulture Shock

At the beginning of the story, Kopa, the prince of the Pride Lands, is going to a water hole to watch his father break up a fight between the antelope and a hippopotamus named Kiboko. Simba asks for a representative among the antelope, and Nzee steps forward, explaining that Kiboko has taken the water hole from her herd. Kiboko retorts by spraying them with water, and Nzee angrily tells Simba that Kiboko is big, dirty, and smelly. When asked why he no longer lives in his swamp, Kiboko gargles loudly, and Nzee nearly attacks him in her mad rage. At the same moment, Kopa runs up to his father, but the antelope pressure Simba until he sends his son away.

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