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Nobi is an unfortunate mouse who gets bullied by elephants. He makes his first and only appearance in the Timon & Pumbaa episode "Good Mousekeeping."


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Good Mousekeeping"

While Nobi is sleeping in his log, he hears a sound. When he gets up to investigate, an elephant takes him out. Nobi is now surrounded by three elephant bullies. The leader suggests that they use the mouse as a baseball. When he hits him with a log, Nobi ends up in Rafiki's tree. He tells Rafiki that he's sick of getting bullied and he wants to fly like a bird, swim like a fish and be as tall as a giraffe.

After Rafiki grants Nobi his wish, Nobi begins to fly. He then runs into two vultures who make fun of him. When Nobi tries to show them that he can fly as well as them, he gets hit by an unseen airplane and falls down in the water.

In the water, Nobi sees an eel and bullies him. He then runs into Rafiki, who forces him to let the eel go. After talking with Rafiki, Nobi sees the elephants. When the mouse goes to them, the leader of the bullies suggests to use him as a football, but the elephants are stopped by Rafiki. Nobi then decides to turn back to his normal self.

After Rafiki turns Nobi back into a mouse, the leader of the bullies is about to use Nobi as a basketball this time. Nobi then stands up to the elephant, who leaves angry. Nobi then thanks Rafiki, and the mandrill replies, "You're welcome."

Physical appearance

Nobi is a small white mouse with black eyes and pink ears. Half of his arms are black and he has a black tail.

Voice actors


  • In "Africa-Dabra!," there's a mouse who bears a striking resemblance to Nobi.