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Niketa Calame
Niketa Calame
General Information

Niketa Calame


November 10, 1980


Los Angeles, California, USA


1991 - present

Niketa Calame is an African-American actress best known for voicing cub Nala in The Lion King.


Calame was born in Los Angeles, California to Theodora Lamond of Los Angeles, California and Norman Calame of Kingston, Jamaica.[1] In 1994, Calame made her theatrical debut as young Nala in The Lion King,[2] as well as appeared on Hanna-Barbera's "Rappin' and Rhyming" video as well as in several local stage productions and dance competitions.

Calame received her Masters Of Fine Arts from The Actors Studio Drama School in New York and her B.A from University of California at Santa Cruz.[1]

Other Roles

  • Moments - Cynthia.
  • Viewfinder - Diva.


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