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Nala's Dare

It's true I'm a little smaller than average. It just means I can't afford to be flaky.
—Ni to Nala

Ni is a rogue lion who makes his first and only appearance in Nala's Dare. He is a friend of Nala's who saves her life.



Ni was ousted from his pride at a young age due to his male status. He took to wandering in the years following his exile.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Nala's Dare

I don't attack other lions. And especially not young flaky ones like yourself.
—Ni to Nala

Ni is first spotted in the Pride Lands by the Pridelanders, who chase him away. Chumvi dares Nala to talk to him, and Nala accepts the dare, determined to prove that she isn't afraid of him. Ni saves Nala from two hyenas who try to kill her upon noticing her alone. The two retreat up a tree after the hyenas have been temporarily fended off, catch their breaths, and then introduce themselves to each other.

Ni reveals that he was ousted from his pride, per usual, since all males do the same once they reach his age. Nala mistakes him as being a younger male, something he laughs at and comments that he is a little smaller than average. Nala invites him to stay with the pride for a bit, but on the way to Pride Rock, they are attacked by more hyenas. With Sarafina's help, the hyenas are defeated. Grateful to Ni for saving her daughter's life, Sarafina lets the young rogue stay with them for a bit, but after staying with the pride for a time, Ni continues on his way.

Physical appearance

You know, if Ni washed and groomed his fur, he'd be sort of...cute.
Kula about Ni

Ni is a young adult lion, considerably small for his age, with a mane that is not fully grown yet. He has cream-colored fur with a slight golden tint and a dark brown mane. His eyes are red, and he is very dirty. Overall, his appearance is very similar to that of Simba.

Personality and traits

The stereotyped attitude of a rogue is dangerous, according to the Pridelanders, but Ni does not fall into the dangerous or the aggressive category. He is quite friendly, and any aggression he harnesses is for the purpose of self-defense or in the defense of others.



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