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The Native Chief
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Leader of the Natives

Bungala, bungala, you goofs!
—The Native Chief to his henchmen

The Native Chief is a character from The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. He is the leader of The Three Natives and the main antagonist in "Boara Boara" and "Beast of Eden."


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Boara Boara"

Natives and chief

The Native Chief and his henchmen

After the three natives capture Pumbaa, the native chief sees that they're about to eat him, but he mistakes the warthog as their god-king. When Timon shows up and sees Pumbaa as the natives' king, he tries to make his friend escape, but the natives stop them. The chief makes the three natives throw Timon in a volcano, but when Timon tells them that he'll do anything, the natives make the meerkat be Pumbaa's servant.

Later, the chief sees that the fire went out. So he makes Pumbaa relight it and when the warthog does so, it rains. The natives realize that Pumbaa is an imposter and the chief makes the three natives capture Timon and Pumbaa. The duo escape by making the three natives dance to a samba music and the chief makes them stop. The three natives take off their costumes and leave Bora Bora to go back to the university.

"Beast of Eden"

Timon and Pumbaa get tied up by the natives. The native chief has a gold tooth, which belongs to the beast, on his stick. He then pushes Timon and Pumbaa to a slide, which takes them to a bottomless pit, which later turns out that it's not bottomless.

BeastofEden screencap2

The Native Chief with Timon and Pumbaa

After the beast lets Timon and Pumbaa out of the pit, Timon and Pumbaa decide to retrieve his missing gold tooth from the chief. The duo try various ways to get the tooth from the native chief, but they fail every time.

Later, Timon and Pumbaa make a parade, making the natives join them. Timon makes the natives turn around, but then they realize that the tooth is missing. So the chief makes the three natives chase Timon and Pumbaa and capture them. When they do so, Pumbaa puts the tooth inside the bottomless pit. The beast comes out and has his tooth back. He then chases the natives.

Physical appearance

The Native Chief is a short, blue native with red hair, yellow eyebrows, gray arms and legs, and wears a crown. He carries a cane which he uses to whack people on the head whenever they do something he doesn't like. He later sticks a Beast's gold tooth onto it.


  • The native chief is a university student just like the three natives.
  • He usually precedes his sentences with "Bungala, bungala!"

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