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Nala & Simba
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General Information

Hans Zimmer


Jay Rifkin


8M19 "Nala - Simba - Mufasa Ghost"



Usage Information

The Lion King: Complete Score


The Lion King


Anonymous Audio File Icon Clip ArtNala - Simba - Mufasa Ghost.ogg 

"Nala & Simba" is a musical piece composed by Hans Zimmer for The Lion King. It is the underscore that plays during Simba's argument with Nala.


"Nala & Simba" was first released as a track on The Lion King: Complete Score, though the album was retracted after one day. On June 24, 2014, The Legacy Collection: The Lion King was released, with "Nala & Simba" having been remixed, combined with its counterpart "Mufasa's Ghost", and titled "Remember Who You Are".


"Nala & Simba" can be heard from when Simba and Nala walk through the jungle directly after "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" to when Rafiki halts Simba beside the pool where he encounters Mufasa's ghost.


  • In the original mix, there was a duduk that played Simba's theme as he stared down from the top of a log at his reflection. This duduk is absent from the Legacy Collection version of the cue, suggesting that it may not have been a part of the original recording.

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