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Nala's Father
Nala's Father
Biographical Information





Pride Landers
Simba's Pride

Familial Information

Sarafina (mate)
Nala (daughter)
Kion (grandson)
Kiara (granddaughter)
Simba (son-in-law)

Media Information

The Lion Guard

Nala's Father is a lion who is mentioned in The Lion Guard. He is the mate of Sarafina, and the father of Nala.


Though only pictured as a cave drawing, Nala's father appears to be near-identical to his grandson, Kion. His fur is brownish-gold, with a dash of white on his chin, and his paws and underbelly are bright gold. Like his grandson, he has a bright red tuft of mane on his head.



As a cub, Nala's father fell from a tree, but he was saved by the Lion Guard. Upon reaching adulthood, he reared a single daughter, Nala, with Sarafina.

The Lion Guard

"Paintings and Predictions"


Nala's father (left) compared to his grandson, Kion (right)

When Bunga steals Rafiki's staff, he stumbles upon paintings of Nala's father as a cub and mistakes him for Kion. Curious, Bunga touches the paintings with Rafiki's staff, bringing them to life, and watches in horror as Nala's father falls from a tree. A frightened Bunga proceeds to protect Kion from every tree they encounter, terrified that Rafiki's paintings predict the future.

Later, Rafiki reveals that the painting is in fact of Nala's father. In the past, Nala's father had fallen from a tree branch and been saved by the Lion Guard of his day.



The Lion Guard NALA'S FATHER?! Paintings & Predictions HD Clip01:33

The Lion Guard NALA'S FATHER?! Paintings & Predictions HD Clip

Rafiki explains the story of Nala's father

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