Nala's Dare
Nalas Dare
Attribution Information

Joanne Barkan


Laureen Burger Brooks
Rachelle Campbell
Denise Shimabukuro

Publication Information

Grolier Books










The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Lions who listen to the chattering of monkeys will never learn to roar!

Nala's Dare is a book inspired by The Lion King. It was published in 1994 by Grolier Books as the second book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures.


Kopa, the son of Simba and Nala, is playing a game of I-dare-you with his monkey friends, Jambo and Kwaheri, when they dare him to jump across a dangerous gorge. At first, Kopa steels himself for the jump, but his fright causes him to run away and hide. While in hiding, he encounters Rafiki, who chastises him for refusing to feel fear, and informs him that both his parents have been afraid before. He then tells Kopa to ask his mother, Nala, about the story of Ni.

Kopa hastens to Pride Rock, where he asks Nala to tell him about Ni, and she agrees to tell the tale. Long ago, when she was still a cub living under Scar's reign, she went out to play with her two best friends, Chumvi and Kula. While playing, Chumvi dared Nala to talk to a strange rogue lion who was skulking nearby. Though frightened, Nala agreed to the dare, but just as she was descending to talk to the rogue, a roar from Pride Rock called the cubs back.

The three cubs returned to Pride Rock, where Nala's mother Sarafina warned them about the strange rogue lion. As she herded the cubs back to safety, Chumvi playfully mocked Nala for being too scared to approach the rogue. Indignant, Nala refuted Chumvi's claims and privately informed Kula that she intended to speak to Ni the next morning. A worried Kula tried to talk Nala out of the plan, but Nala remained indignant.

That night, Nala had a nightmare about the strange lion and jerked awake from the dream to find it still dark outside. She decided to seek out the rogue on her own, but on her way out of the cave, she was stopped by Kula, who tried to convince Nala to give up her plan. A stubborn Nala refused, though she accepted Kula's offer to eat before leaving Pride Rock. The two traveled to Kula's secret stash of food, only to find it empty. Kula blamed the rogue lion for the theft, but Nala defended him and insisted that she continue on her quest.

After leaving Kula on the side of Pride Rock, Nala set off to find the rogue, despite her own fears. Not long into her search, she happened across Kula's stolen stash of food. Just then, she heard a rustle behind her and took off in terror. As she was running, she saw the rogue lion appear before her and leap straight at her. To her surprise, he sailed over her and attacked a hyena that had been chasing her. As he fought, he yowled at Nala to run, and she obediently raced away.

To be continued


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