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"Everywhere you look, I'm standing in the spotlight!"
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I heard your prayers, and here I am. If you all line up and wait patiently, I will give each of you your own plumage. Then, when I am finished, you will all look different from one another.
―Mulungu to the birds

Mulungu is a male god of Africa.

When the birds of the earth appeal to him to make them colorful, Mulungu heeds their request. He paints many birds in different colors, but one bird named Che Mlanda impatiently cuts the line and demands that Mulungu paint him next. At first, Mulungu tells Che Mlanda to wait his turn, but when the bird continues to disrupt Mulungu's work, the god paints Che Mlanda a dull brown as punishment for his impertinence.


Long ago, all the birds were snow-white in color and longed to be as colorful as the flowers. They prayed to the great god Mulungu, who descended to earth with brushes and paints. He told the birds to form a line and wait their turn to be painted while he gave each their own colorful plumage. At first, the queue formed accordingly, and Mulungu began to give each bird its own plumage. Then an impatient bird named Che Mlanda cut the queue and demanded that Mulungu paint him next.

Initially, Mulungu instructed Che Mlanda to wait his turn, but when the bird continually disrupted Mulungu's work, the god agreed to paint him. However, as punishment for his impatience, Mulungu painted Che Mlanda a drab brown and released him to the air.

Personality and traits

Mulungu is gracious and kind, with a giving nature. He is willing to spend long hours painting the birds of the earth and is patient enough to put up with the pesky Che Mlanda. However, when his patience is tested, Mulungu will treat the perpetrator accordingly.



  • Mulungu is a common name for the creator diety in a number of Bantu languages and cultures in East and Central Africa.[1]


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