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Muhimu's son
Muhimu's son
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Muhimu's Herd
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Muhimu (mother)

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The Lion Guard

Muhimu's son is a zebra who appears in The Lion Guard. He is a Pride Lander.


Being only a foal, Muhimu's son is small and skinny, with a slight build and thin legs. His coat is striped with black-and-white, and he has a black marking that runs down between his eyes, ending just above his muzzle. While his ear tips, hooves, nose, and tail tip are black, his mane is black-and-white and ends in several strands of black hair over his forehead. He inherited his mother's brilliant blue eyes.


Though his personality is unexplored, Muhimu's son is known to be daring and playful. He is also brave, as he saved his mother from Janja by kicking the hyena in the face.


The Lion Guard

"The Mbali Fields Migration"

During a migration to Mbali Fields, Muhimu begins to go into labor, and Kion is forced to make a difficult choice. While he sends Beshte, Fuli, and Ono ahead to keep leading the herds, he and Bunga stay behind to help Muhimu give birth.


Muhimu's son is born

Under the careful watch of Swala and several others, Muhimu gives birth to a son. No sooner has the zebra foal been born when he emits a loud bray, which attracts the attention of Janja and his minions, Cheezi and Chungu. The three plunge down the ridge in the hopes of scattering the gazelles and zebras, but Kion orders them to protect Muhimu and her foal while he and Bunga take on the hyenas.

Together, Bunga and Kion distract Cheezi and Chungu, but Janja manages to break through their defense to attack the zebras. However, he is kicked in the face by Muhimu's son, and the hyenas scramble to get away, having been bested by the herds' teamwork. With the hyenas defeated, the Lion Guard leads the rest of the gazelles and zebras home, where Bunga plays happily with Muhimu's son.



Lion Guard Muhimu's boy & Hyena attack! The Mbali Fields Migration HD Clip02:58

Lion Guard Muhimu's boy & Hyena attack! The Mbali Fields Migration HD Clip

Muhimu's son is born

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