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Muhangus is an aardvark who appears in The Lion Guard. He is a Pride Lander.


The Lion Guard

"Can't Wait to be Queen"

Muhangus can be seen getting married during "Duties of the King".

"The Kupatana Celebration"

Muhangus appears when Dogo and his brothers invade his den. He and his mate grow furious when Goigoi eats a piece of their fruit, and Kion does his best to diffuse the situation. He also appears during "Jackal Style", joining the circle of angry animals around the jackals at the end of the song.

"The Call of the Drongo"

While at his den, Muhangus overhears Janja in the bushes, and he races away in terror. Eventually, he runs into Kion, whom he begs for help, and the cub returns with him to investigate the den. However, there is no trace of Janja.

"Too Many Termites"

One night, Muhangus and his mate, Muhanga, spot aardwolves scrounging around their den and mistake them for hyenas. They alert the Lion Guard to the problem, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow the aardwolves away from the aardvark dens.

"The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar"

Muhangus is seen following Ma Tembo as she searches for a new water source.

Physical appearance

Muhangus is considerably old and grizzled. Despite being about the same size as his mate, Muhanga, he appears to be slimmer and sports longer fur. His pelt is medium brown in color, and he has a pale muzzle and underbelly, with black paws. His eyebrows are bushy and gray, and he has several dark hairs protruding from the bottom of his snout. One of his ears is torn.

Personality and traits

True to his age, Muhangus is grumpy and irritable, with a short temper. He is not afraid to stand up for his own and puts up quite a fight when the jackals invade his den.

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