Mother Eagle
Mother Eagle
Mother Eagle
Physical Attributes




Feather color

Brownish-black, gray, orange, white

Eye color


Distinguishing features

Bun on the back of her head

Biographical Information



Pride Lands


Pride Landers

Familial Information

Baby Earl (son)

Mother Eagle is a female eagle who lives in Mount Kilimanjaro along with her son, Baby Earl.

After teaching her son how to fly, Mother Eagle and Earl return to the nest only to discover that Earl's grubs have been stolen. They find out that it was Timon who stole the grubs, much to Mother Eagle's outrage. While she flies to the lowlands to gather more food, she hires Timon and Pumbaa to babysit Earl, warning them (mainly Timon) that she will crush them if her son gets a single scratch.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"To Kilimanjaro Bird"


Mother Eagle bids goodbye to her son, Earl

While Timon and Pumbaa visit Mount Kilimanjaro, they stumble upon Baby Earl's feeding dish. Tempted by the tasty bugs in his dish, the two gobble up the remains of the food, leaving Mother Eagle in a fury. When Mother Eagle accuses Timon for stealing Baby Earl's grubs, the meerkat tells her that she needs proof. The adult eagle produces plenty of proof, such as footprint, witnesses, Timon's wallet, and a security photo that shows Timon running away with Earl's bowl of grubs, much to his discomfort. In order to keep her from turning them in to the authorities, Timon and Pumbaa volunteer to be Earl's babysitters while she flies to the lowlands to find more grubs. Before she leaves, Mother Eagle threatens to hurt Timon if anything bad happens to her son, such as a single scratch.

Mother Eagle later returns and sees that Baby Earl is not with Timon and Pumbaa. After Pumbaa tells her the truth, she is about to hurt the two, but then sees her son flying. She assumes that Timon and Pumbaa taught Baby Earl how to fly and repays the duo by feeding them some of the grubs she brought from the lowlands.

Personality and traits

When angry, Mother Eagle has a borderline-insane sounding voice. She is sweet to her Baby Earl, but is mean to Timon because he has stolen her son's bowl of grubs. She can also be overly aggressive, as seen when she was on the verge of possibly killing Timon and Pumbaa with a club after Baby Earl jumped out of the nest and presumably got scratched.

Despite her aggressive side, Mother Eagle develops respect for Timon and Pumbaa when she sees her son flying and believes the two taught him how to do so. She is willing to repay the duo by letting them share the grubs, which she brought from the lowlands, with Earl.

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  • Mother Eagle and her son Baby Earl may have inspired Mrs. Turtle and Baby Shelby from Mickey Mouse Works and later House of Mouse, as they are both loudmouthed mothers with mischievous sons.


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