Monkey Mountain (location)
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Monkey Mountain
Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is a location that appears in Monkey Mountain. It is a mysterious volcano inhabited by a troop of monkeys.


Monkey Mountain is a volcano located in the midst of the jungle. It is a massive structure of stone that's shaped like the head of a monkey, with caverns opening up in the eye sockets and the mouth. Sharp stones shaped like teeth jut out of the bottom of the mountain.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Monkey Mountain

When Simba asks his friends, Timon and Pumbaa, to teach him the laws of the jungle, they happily oblige. As the day goes on, Timon and Pumbaa show Simba around their home, teaching him the laws of the jungle, but in the middle of one such lesson, the three friends hear a strange howl, and Timon warns Simba to stay away from the source of the noise, Monkey Mountain.

Not long after this, the friends are attacked by the leopard One-Eye and his minions, who attempt to drive the trio into a trap. Just before they can fall under One-Eye's claws, Timon senses the trap and yells for his friends to take cover in Monkey Mountain.

Simba and his friends attempt to escape up the mountain, but they eventually find themselves trapped at the top of the rise. Simba manages to find a small cave in the rocks, where he encounters a monkey making spooky noises. Getting an idea, he uses the monkey's cavern to send a thunderous roar down on One-Eye's minions, who flee in terror at the sound of some unknown beast.

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