Monkey Magic
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Per Hedman


Angel Rodriguez

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December 8, 2009



Monkey Magic is a Lion King comic.


Simba and Rhino want to play a joke on Zebra, because he believes everything he hears.


Monkey Magic begins with Rhino, one of Simba's friends, asking Simba if he heard about Rafiki's ability to cast spells while Rafiki is teaching his students. Simba dismisses Rafiki's mystical abilities, and remarks about his ability to predict the future. This leads to Simba telling his friends, Rhino and Zebra, that he can see the future as Rafiki taught him that. Some time later, Rhino acknowledges that Simba can't see the future, to which Simba replies he can't, and comes up with an idea to play a joke on Zebra, who is very gullible.

Later on that day in a ravine, Simba approaches Zebra, and asks him if he wants to prove that he can look into the future like Rafiki can. Zebra tags along with Simba's idea to which Simba predicts that a large rock, that Rhino will push, will fall to the bottom of the ravine. When Rhino pushes the rock, it smashes to the bottom of the ravine like Simba predicted, but nearly crushes Simba and Zebra. Rhino races to the bottom, and Zebra tells that Simba fell into the gorge. Simba is unharmed, but he discovers he fell into the ravine where Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are who recognizes that he is Mufasa's son, and try to eat him. Simba tries to climb up the cliff, and luckily, Rafiki arrives, and calls for his fellow mandrill students to help Simba escape the hyenas. Rafiki's students hear Rafiki's cry and brings tree trunks to place through a hole in the cliff to help Simba climb up from the bottom of the ravine. Simba climbs up on one of the trunks, and discovers that the tree trunks are too slippery. Rafiki's students notice this, and quickly come up with a new plan that makes Simba fly into the air and land to safety. Simba and his friends are puzzled about Simba's rescue, and Rhino states it was "just like magic". Zebra asks Rafiki about this, and the wise mandrill simply says "sometimes you can't see what is real, and what you CAN see is just an illusion."


The following images are the five pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.

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