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Mokele Mbembe
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Ahh, the great, mysterious Mokele Mbembe! Smarter than the smartest elephant, stronger than the strongest hippo, faster than the fastest cheetah!
Rafiki to Simba

Mokele Mbembe is a legendary creature who is the center of The Lion King comic Mokele Mbembe.

Mokele Mbembe

Simba: Sounds really creepy, but does this monster actually exist at all?
Rafiki: Who knows? Are your nightmares real? Your fears?
—Rafiki and Simba about Mokele Mbembe

As Simba and Rafiki are journeying to the jungle to visit Rafiki's relatives, Simba asks Rafiki to tell him the story of Mokele Mbembe. Rafiki tells Simba that the Mokele was a legendary creature that was supposedly "smarter than the smartest elephant, stronger than the strongest hippo, and faster than the fastest cheetah." Simba asks Rafiki whether the creature exists, but Rafiki tells him that no one knew for sure.

Later, after Rafiki has left Simba to be shown around by his relatives, the baboons gather around Simba and tell him that they knew the jungle like "the fleas in their coat." They ask him what he wants to see and he tells them that he wants to see Mokele Mbembe. One of the baboons ask what that is, and another proclaims that he had heard a rumor of the legendary monster. Another adds that there had been some broken branches by the river, while another says that he had seen weird footprints in the mud the other day. Simba, now convinced that the beast exists, asks the baboons if they're scared. The baboons laugh and proclaim that they would never be scared. Simba then announces that they should catch the Mokele!

The group heads for the river. As they're running, a baboon points out that they don't know what Mokele Mbembe looks like. Simba tells him that they'd know after they trapped him! He then informs them of his plan, that they'd go to the river, lie in wait for the monster, and trap him! Once they make it to the river, Simba recounts that the Mokele is supposedly stronger than a hippo, so he tells the monkey to make a trap out of strong jungle vines. Eventually, the trap is constructed, complete with an alarm system. But it initially fails when it catches Simba rather than the legendary Mokele.


  • "Mokele Mbembe" is a real African legend, much like that of the Loch Ness Monster.