Mjomba's pack
Mjomba's pack
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Mjomba's pack




The Pride Lands
The Outlands (formerly)

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The Lion Guard

Mjomba: They thought we were hyenas!
Haya: Hyenas? That's ridic...Okay, now I see it.
Haya and Mjomba on the pack

Mjomba's pack is a group of aardwolves that appears in The Lion Guard.

After being mistaken for hyenas by the Lion Guard, Mjomba's pack is banished to the Outlands, which causes a severe termite infestation in the Pride Lands. Meanwhile, Mjomba's pack encounters two devious jackals named Goigoi and Reirei, who fool the aardwolves into trusting them. Eventually, Mjomba arrives to tell the pack that the Lion Guard wants to welcome them back into the Pride Lands. However, before they can leave, the jackals trap the aardwolves in a cave and launch an attack, but the Lion Guard arrives and rescues the pack just in time. Together, the two groups return to the Pride Lands, and the aardwolves rid the kingdom of its termite problem.


The Lion Guard

"Too Many Termites"

One night, the pack is scrounging through an aardvark den when they are confronted by the Lion Guard, who mistakes them for hyenas. Kion orders the aardwolves to leave and uses the Roar of the Elders to blow them into the Outlands. Once there, the pack takes shelter behind a large boulder.

Goi and aardwolves

Haya and Ogopa, two members of the pack, lounge with their supposed friend, Goigoi the jackal

A few days after the incident, the Lion Guard realizes their mistake, and they enter the Outlands in search of the pack. When the aardwolves spot the Lion Guard, they are loath to trust them and stay in hiding. However, when Bunga accidentally stumbles into their midst, they run away with the Lion Guard in pursuit.

Eventually, the Lion Guard gives up, since the pack does not seem to trust them. Shortly afterward, they meet Mjomba, who had wandered away from the pack, and ask him to make the pack trust them. Mjomba agrees after hearing that the Pride Lands are crawling with termites, and the Lion Guard follows him to find the aardwolves.

Meanwhile, the pack has taken shelter in a cave, where they meet their jackal neighbors, Goigoi and Reirei. The jackals assure the pack that they are not like the Lion Guard and welcome them to the Outlands with the musical number "We'll Make You a Meal", in which they fool the aardwolves into trusting them.

Mjomba inform

Mjomba assures his pack that they are once more welcome in the Pride Lands

After the song, Mjomba arrives with news that the Lion Guard wants the pack back in the Pride Lands to rid the kingdom of its termite problem. However, before the pack can leave, Goigoi and Reirei trap them in the cave and launch their attack. Just in time, the Lion Guard bursts into the cave and frees the aardwolves, driving Goigoi and Reirei away. With their trust reestablished in the Lion Guard, the aardwolves follow Kion and his friends back into the Pride Lands, where they rid the kingdom of its termite infestation.


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