Mizimu Grove
Mizimu Grove
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Mizimu Grove is a location in the Pride Lands.

Physical attributes

Mizimu Grove is a small wood located in the center of the Pride Lands. The grove is dotted with large baobab trees, the blossoms of which open annually during the event of Kupatana.


The Lion Guard

"The Kupatana Celebration"

In order to practice for Kupatana, a group of animals meets in Mizimu Grove to practice their choral piece. They later sing this piece as animals stream into Mizimu Grove, ready for Kupatana. The celebration begins, and the gathered animals witness the blooming of the baobab blossoms. However, in the midst of the proceedings, Reirei and her family break through the crowd of animals and begin their hunt. A confused Simba wonders at the plight, and Kion admits to letting them into the Pride Lands.

Despite this, all the Pridelanders bind together to take on the jackals, and Simba banishes them from the Pride Lands. With the jackals gone, Bunga begins to eat the fallen baobab blossoms, and many of the Pridelanders join in, welcoming back the joy and encouragement of Kupatana.

"Follow That Hippo!"

Beshte and Mtoto pass Mizimu Grove while singing "Hero Inside".

"Bunga and the King"

Ma Tembo and her herd perform their first concert of the season in Mizimu Grove, much to the delight of Kiara and Nala. Shortly afterward, Simba arrives with the Lion Guard, Pumbaa, and Timon, and all the animals perform "Hakuna Matata" together.

"The Imaginary Okapi"

Mizimu Grove is seen during the musical sequence "You're Gonna Love It Right Here".

"Never Roar Again"

Kion and Nala have a heart-to-heart in Mizimu Grove, where Kion explains to Nala what had happened with his Roar and begs for her forgiveness. Nala insists that there is nothing to forgive and reminds Kion that he had saved her life, both from the hyenas and from the earthquake. Despite her reassurances, Kion confesses that he might never use the Roar again, but Nala reminds him that the Roar is a part of him and that she trusts him to use it responsibly.

"The Savannah Summit"

Simba gathers several of the Pride Lands' animal leaders in Mizimu Grove for a Savannah Summit.

"Ono and the Egg"

The Lion Guard patrols Mizimu Grove.

"The Ukumbusho Tradition"

The Ukumbusho Tradition is held at Mizimu Grove.


  • "Mizimu" means "spirit worship places" in Swahili.[1]
  • In the "Life in the Pride Lands" music video, "Mizimu" is mistakenly spelled "Mmizimu".[2]


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