Misty Falls
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General Information
The Lion Guard

But most of all, I'm famous for that legendary wing. Against ten hungry crocodiles with my Hadithi spin!
Hadithi during "Hadithi the Hero"

Misty Falls is a location in The Lion Guard.


The Lion Guard

"Ono's Idol"

During the musical number "Hadithi the Hero," Hadithi tells everyone about his "Hadithi Spin," which he used to defeat ten crocodiles at Misty Falls. Later in the episode, Hadithi confesses to Ono, his biggest fan, that he had embellished this tale; he had actually only fallen out of the sky and the "Hadithi Spin" never existed to begin with.

Physical attributes

Misty Falls is a large waterfall with high, rocky sides as far as can be seen. Several rocks jut out from the water in random places.

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