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Long, long ago, strange two-legged creatures wandered these lands. They made their homes in caves and scavenged for food, just like us! They even made their clothes out of animal skins. These creatures were very clever and dangerous.
―Meekon about "watu"

Meekon is an old meerkat who makes his first and only appearance in Two-Legged Creatures.



Meekon is the presumed leader of his family and one of the eldest members. When he was young, he had an encounter with watu, which left him fearing the truth for the rest of his life.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Two-Legged Creatures

Meekon is first observed by Pumbaa, Simba, and Timon when they stumble upon the old meerkat telling his family a story. Despite the friends' intrusiveness, Meekon invites them into the circle and tells them a story about two-legged creatures that wandered the savanna thousands of years ago. When asked what they're called, Meekon tells his family that he has come to call them "watu." One little meerkat nicknamed "Fibber" tries to convince his family that he knows where watu cave drawings are, but Meekon warns his young relative that the journey would be too perilous.

Ignoring Meekon's warning, Fibber and his new friends set out in search of the caves. Once they return, laden with evidence of the creatures' existence, Meekon admits that watu do not exist and then goes on to disprove their many artifacts. Disappointed, the friends admit defeat, but once everyone is asleep, Meekon buries the evidence in the ground, terrified by the prospect of watu, which he had encountered years earlier.

Physical appearance

Tall and thin, Meekon is an elderly meerkat with visible wrinkles on his face. His fur is dark gold, broken only by three brown stripes on his back and cream-colored fur on his chest and face. Like most meerkats, his ears, feet, and paws are brown, and his eyes are black. Unlike most meerkats, his eyebrows are dusty brown and especially bushy.

Personality and traits

Though Meekon is wise beyond his years, he fears his own knowledge. A previous encounter with "watu" (or humans) has left him burdened with a terrible fear of the unknown, a fear so chilling he is unable to bring himself to tell the truth to his fellow creatures. Meekon's only reassurance is that the others don't believe in the watu themselves.