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Mayika (mate)
Haari (son)

Oh, by the way, little chap, I'm not a baboon! I am a monkey!
―Mayik to Timon

Mayik is a monkey who makes his first and only appearance in The Missing Monkey.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

When his son Haari goes missing, Mayik brings his mate a replacement son, Timon. Unwilling to let their friend go, Simba and Pumbaa try to claim Timon back, but Mayika sobs that her son has been lost in the jungle and that she cannot live without a child to care for. Simba immediately volunteers to help look for the child, and Mayika agrees to go out with him right away. Despite his mate's eagerness, Mayik forbids her to search until she has rested.

The next morning, the search goes underway, and after a few hours, Mayik and his mate bring food for the search party. With no bugs included in the pile of food, Timon and Pumbaa are dissatisfied and target a giant snail named Slippy. The snail, however, proves helpful and points the party in the direction of the missing Haari.

The monkeys learn that Haari has been missing ever since a snake promised to take him back to his parents. Setting off in search of Haari, the group soon reaches the cave where Haari is trapped, and Simba falls inside. When Mayika reaches in to pull him out, Mayik is reunited with his son, who is delighted to see him.

Physical appearance

Long-bodied and slender, Mayik takes after his fellow monkeys in appearance. His fur is colored a bright tangerine orange, though the fur on his feet, hands, and head is red. The fur fringing his face is creamier in color, while his face is the same deep brown as his eyes.

Personality and traits

Mayik is a devoted mate whose highest concern is his mate Mayika and his son Haari. Willing to swing jungle vines and embark on long journeys for them, Mayik is a family-oriented character whose bravery and cleverness has no trouble shining through.