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Yellow, cream, black, and brown

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Battle (Pigano)[1]
Fight (Pigano)[1]




Mirihi Forest

Back again, Badili? Where are all your little buddies? Did you bring 'em along to stand up for you again?
―Mapigano to Badili

Mapigano is a male leopard.

Mapigano took advantage of an unassertive young leopard named Badili, whom he bullied into giving his territory. Because of Mapigano's cruelty, Badili was forced into the Pride Lands, where he encountered the Lion Guard. Though the Lion Guard came to Mirihi Forest and drove out Mapigano, he simply returned the next day and forced Badili out again. This time, the Lion Guard schooled Badili in self-confidence, and he returned to his territory with a new determination. Badili's attitude change intimidated Mapigano, and he fled the territory for good.


The Lion Guard

"The Trouble With Galagos"

That's what I thought. Same old Badili. You're nothing but a scaredy-cat!
―Mapigano to Badili
2016-08-08-20 54 07

Mapigano intimidates the much feebler Badili

Mapigano purposefully targets a feeble young leopard named Badili, whom he bullies into leaving Mirihi Forest. With Badili gone, Mapigano takes up residence in the territory, claiming the lands as his own.

Meanwhile, Badili is found by the Lion Guard, who tell him that he must leave the Pride Lands and return to his original territory. With little choice but to listen to them, Badili does as he is told and returns to Mirihi Forest. There, he is confronted by Mapigano, who demands to know why Badili has come back. When Badili has no answer for him, Mapigano tries to run him off, but just then, the Lion Guard emerges and forces Mapigano to leave the territory to Badili.

2016-08-08-21 04 10

Badili stands up to Mapigano in the defense of his territory

The next day, Mapigano simply takes Badili's territory back from him, and the Lion Guard once more find Badili in the Pride Lands. This time, they school him in how to be confident and encourage him to stand up to Mapigano, training him in speed, strength, and courage. At last, Badili is deemed ready, and he returns to Mirihi Forest to challenge Mapigano.

Badili spots Mapigano napping in a tree and begins to butt against the tree until Mapigano falls to the earth. Badili then proclaims that the territory belongs to him. Mapigano simply laughs and launches an attack, ridiculing Badili for being a coward. In a sudden burst of courage, Badili proclaims that he is not afraid and roars into Mapigano's face to show his ferocity. Thoroughly intimidated, Mapigano turns tail and flees Mirihi Forest.

Personality and traits

You miss me? Forget how much bigger and how much stronger I am?
―Mapigano to Badili
Mapigano is bullying and self-absorbed, with an inclination to harass those who are weaker of will. He takes no shame in embarrassing the much less ferocious Badili and laughs at his every attempt to stand up for himself. However, Mapigano is ultimately a coward, as he caves to anyone who merely stands up to him.



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