Mapango Cliffs
Mapango Cliffs
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General Information
Mapango Cliffs
The Pride Lands
The Lion Guard

They don't live in a tree, Fuli. They live on Mapango Cliffs. In a cave. Way up at the top.
The Baboon Leader

Mapango Cliffs is a location in the Pride Lands.

Physical Attributes

Mapango Cliffs is a series of steep cliffs in the Pride Lands. The stone of Mapango Cliffs is light brown, though it carries tinges of orange. The cliff face is broken by many small caves, with a large cave at the top where a group of baboons lives. The occasional tree grows on the side of the cliffs.


The Lion Guard


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The baboons throw fruit at the vultures from the top of Mapango Cliffs

When a baby baboon is rescued by the Lion Guard, Fuli is tasked with bringing him home. Kion mistakenly points her toward Nyani Grove, where she is informed that the baby belongs to Mapango Cliffs. Though loathe to travel so far, Fuli reluctantly takes the trip to the cliffs.

Once there, the baby baboon climbs eagerly up the cliffs and is embraced by his worried mother. Just then, Mzingo and his cronies attack, prompting Fuli to climb up the cliffside to aid the baboons. As she climbs, the baboons heave fruit at the vultures, buying her time, and the baby baboon hits Mzingo himself, allowing Fuli to jump down the cliffs and pin him to the ground.

After the rescue, the baboons chant Fuli's name and climb down the cliffs. The baby baboon's mother thanks Fuli personally.


  • "Mapango" means "caves" in Swahili.[1]



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