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Malka (son)

Hello, little one! How many times have I told you not to run off on your own?
—Malka's mother gently reprimands her son

Malka's mother is a lioness who appears in Simba's New Brother.


Malka's mother has golden fur, colored paws, a pale underbelly and muzzle, and a brown tail tuft.

Her back paws lack color, and while this could be a mistake, it makes her unique in design.


Though Malka's mother does not have a definitive personality, it can be assumed that she's calm and easygoing, as she doesn't seem too upset or worried about Malka's constant running off.


Malka's mother belongs to a pride that resides on the other side of the mountains that border the Pride Lands.

Simba's New Brother

You're so nice to me....all of you....but I really do miss my mum.
—Malka to Simba

Malka is known for wandering off on his own, and in Simba's New Brother, his mother loses him by unknown means. After a while of staying in the Pride Lands with Mufasa and his pride, he admits to Simba that he misses his mother. Shortly afterward, the two cubs return to Pride Rock to find that Zazu has retrieved Malka's mother. The two reunite and Malka's mother asks her son how many times she'd told him not to run off on his own. Meanwhile, Zazu explains to Mufasa that Malka's pride lived on the other side of the mountains, not far from the Pride Lands. Malka and his mother then leave the Pride Lands, with Malka promising to return.