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The Mole is an unnamed minor character who first appeared in The Lion King and later became a recurring character in The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. In the original theatrical version of the film, the mole appears right after Zazu is pounced on by Simba. He informs the majordomo that the hyenas have invaded the Pride Lands. In the 2003 Special Edition version of the film, when Zazu begins to sing "The Morning Report," the mole pops up from a pile of dirt and is spotted by Simba, who tries to pounce on him, but the mole burrows back into the dirt. After more attempts by Simba to catch the mole, Mufasa notices Simba's activity and tries to get him to pounce on Zazu. Simba playfully pounces on the hornbill, and the mole reappears, telling Zazu that hyenas are in the Pride Lands.

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The Legacy Collection: The Lion King is a two-disc soundtrack featuring the songs from the original motion picture soundtrack, 30 minutes of previously unreleased score, and liner notes by Don Hahn and Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer. It is the first release of a new line-up of collective CDs known as the "Legacy Collection" attributed to classic Disney films, and was released on June 24, 2014. The mix for this version of the soundtrack differs greatly from the older releases. Jay Rifkin mixed the original version of the soundtrack for the film, but for this release, Hans Zimmer asked Alan Meyerson to remix the score, bringing many previously-unheard elements forward.

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Zira's Ambush is an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Simba by Zira and the Outsiders as revenge for Scar's death. Prior to the attack, Zira hatches a plan to murder Simba, sending Kovu to seduce Simba's daughter, Kiara, while simultaneously getting close to the king so he can eventually kill him. However, Kovu falls in love with Kiara and gives up on the conspiracy, a betrayal which Vitani informs Zira of. The following day, Simba and Kovu go to a devastated part of the Pride Lands, where Outsiders surround them. Zira congratulates Kovu for bringing Simba with him, and Simba believes Kovu to have betrayed the Pridelanders. Pleased, Zira orders the attack.

FA Ambush

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