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Monty (brother)
Mishka (sister)
Timon (uncle)

Take off and make it snappy!

Mabu is a meerkat who makes his first and only appearance in Mabu's Mischief. He is Timon's nephew.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Mabu's Mischief


Mabu in the Sky Bandit's talons

While Monty is on sentry duty, Mabu pulls a prank him. He later tricks the whole colony by crying wolf, saying the infamous Sky Bandit is approaching, sending his colony into a frenzy of fear. He laughs at this, though the colony warns him that the Bandit really is here. Feeling they are trying to prank him in return, he doesn't believe them until he is snatched by the bird's talons.


Mabu offends a crocodile

A roar from Simba, who is nearby, startles the bird of prey, and Mabu is dropped with his uncle, Timon. Once safe, he feels restless, wanting to cause more trouble. His ambitions offend a crocodile, but he, Simba, and his friends save her eggs from a monitor lizard.

The Sky Bandit returns to reclaim his quarry, but they use the help of the crocodile to scare him off for good. Afterwards, Mabu is returned home, changed and tempered, to his family.

Physical appearance

Mabu has dark reddish-brown hair, creamy orange fur, and red eyes. He has three stripes on his back, which are all darker than his main pelt. His fingers as well his eye shades and nose are dark brown.

Personality and traits

I'm good at being bad!

Mabu is very mischievous, playing pranks on his siblings and later disrespecting his elder Timon as well as offending a various number of other animals. When the Sky Bandit threatens his life, however, his victims come to his rescue, and he opts not to be mischievous ever again.