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Longlegs is a giraffe who makes his first and only appearance in Saving Simba. He helps save Simba's life.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Saving Simba

When a calf from his herd gets stuck, Longlegs thanks Pumbaa, Simba, and Timon for helping and expresses surprise at a lion's involvement. Simba points out that it is Timon who is risking his life, and Timon bravely begins to inch himself across the bridge toward the calf. Overhead, vultures begin to circle, but Timon pushes on, wrapping the vine rope around the little giraffe and letting Longlegs pull the calf to safety.

With the calf safe, Simba scares off the remaining vultures amid cheers from his friends, but as he lands, he severely injures his paw. Timon and Pumbaa watch their friend worriedly and realize that his injury may be more severe than they'd thought. Grimly, Longlegs informs Timon and Pumbaa that he knows a cure for Simba's ailment but that it will mean a dangerous journey for them.


Longlegs among his herd

Together, Longlegs and Timon sprint for a cure, but along the way, they encounter a wild lion, who attacks Timon until he is beaten back by Longlegs. With the diversion out of the way, the two continue on their journey, and Longlegs instructs Timon to gather a handful of healing leaves for Simba. Timon does as he's told, and the two sprint back to the side of their injured companion.

Under Longlegs's instruction, Timon wraps the leaves around Simba's injuries, and the friends spend the night guarding Simba from predators. Come morning, the young lion has healed completely, and he thanks Longlegs for his help. The giraffe graciously reminds Simba that he is simply returning a favor, for friends should stick together.

Physical appearance

Tall and strong, Longlegs is noted to be an especially powerful animal. His coat is bright yellow and dotted with orange patches. His underbelly is tan.

Personality and traits

Longlegs is relatively even-tempered, with a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom. He makes friends easily and does his best to pay off debt to those who have helped him.