Live & Learn!
Live & learn

Stephen James Taylor


Nathan Lane
Quinton Flynn
Ernie Sabella


Walt Disney Home Video


May 8, 1996

Running time

34 minutes

Live & Learn! is a compilation of episodes from Season 1 of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It is the fifth of six volumes of the show's VHS collection Timon & Pumbaa's Wild Adventures. It was released on May 8, 1996, along with Don't Get Mad, Get Happy and Quit Buggin' Me.


Official description

"In 'Law of the Jungle', Timon uses the Forbidden Stick to free himself of a terrible back itch. But he soon finds himself face to face with a judge who's itching to stick Timon in jungle jail.

Then in 'Uganda Be an Elephant', after hearing Timon rave about Ned the popular pachyderm, Pumbaa develops a huge identity crisis. He decides to reinvent himself as an elephant!

Also includes 'Be More Pacific'!"