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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

I am no ordinary whale, matey, an enchanted three-wish wishing whale, am I. In exchange to your kind act, I will grant you three wishes
—Lester explaining himself to Pumbaa

Lester is an enchanted three-wish wishing whale from The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa who appears in "Be More Pacific."


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Be More Pacific"

While Pumbaa takes a walk on the beach, he finds Lester beached. The warthog is about to go to Timon for some suggestion on how they can save Lester's life, but the whale stops him, telling the warthog that there will not be enough time. Therefore, Pumbaa decides to save Lester on his own.

Lester granting wish

Lester granting the first wish

After Pumbaa manages to throw Lester back into the ocean, Lester reveals himself to be enchanted and tells the warthog that he grants three wishes. Pumbaa, however, doesn't wish for anything, but Lester tells him to return in case he changes his mind. Pumbaa then goes to Timon to tell him about Lester. The meerkat is shocked that his friend didn't wish for anything, so he makes him return to Lester to wish for something "big and expensive."

After Pumbaa does what Timon told him, he sees that Lester granted a giant replica of the Statue of Liberty. Realizing that they need to be more specific with their wishes, Timon orders Pumbaa to return to Lester to ask him to make Timon a king.

Lester in princess form

Lester (in princess form) kissing Pumbaa, thanking the warthog

After Lester grants the second wish, Pumbaa sees a giant-sized Timon atop a replica of the Empire State Building, being similar to King Kong. The meerkat orders his friend to tell Lester that he wants to a regular-sized king in a stone castle with a ferocious, fire-breathing monster that he can defeat. Pumbaa agrees and returns to Lester, delivering Timon's wish to the magic whale. However, he screws up the words "can" and "can't" while delivering the message.

After Lester grants the wish, he announces that the curse over him has been lifted. There is a great flash of light, and Lester transforms into a human princess. After thanking Pumbaa and giving him a kiss, the princess walks away.

Physical appearance

Lester is a black/blue whale with a white chest and tummy, small eyes, and buttons with holes in them on his head. In addition to that, he wears a white sailor hat.

When he transforms into a princess, he/she is shown to have blonde hair, a crimson red and pink dress with a blue belt around the waist and blue stripes on the sleeves, pink shoes, blue earrings, blue eyeshadows, and still having the white sailor hat on the head.

Personality and traits

It is done!
—Lester after granting a wish

Lester enchanted nature

A screenshot of Lester, reflecting his enchanted nature

Lester is a kind-hearted whale who is shown to be magical and enchanted. He is happy to grant anyone three wishes in exchange to their kind act. He also tends to misinterpret Timon and Pumbaa's wishes, making them realize that they need to be more specific on what they wish for.

Voice actors

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