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Vulture Shock

Leo: Did I ever tell you about the time my great-grandfather chased a herd of elephants?
Boga: About a hundred times!
Ngawa: The way I heard it, Leo, it was the elephants who chased your great-grandfather! In fact, I heard they weren't elephants, but mice!
Leo: Oh, yeah?
—Leo unsuccessfully boasts to a group of Pridelanders

Leo is a lion who makes his first and only appearance in Vulture Shock. He is a Pridelander.


The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Vulture Shock

Ngawa: Cubs! They say the darndest things!
Leo: Which reminds me, did I ever tell you about the time my great-grandfather saved a cub from a-
Sabini: About a hundred times, Leo!
—Leo, Ngawa, and Sabini


Leo tries to help Simba find Kopa

Leo is first seen talking to a group of Pridelanders consisting of Babu, Boga, Mega, Ngawa, and Sabini. He asks the group if he has ever told them about the time his great-grandfather chased a herd of elephants. The lions groan, and Boga says, "About a hundred times!" Ngawa tells Leo that he had heard it was the elephants who chased his great-grandfather and that, in fact, the elephants were mice. Leo growls, and Sabini points out that he really just wants Simba's family tree.

Leo is disgruntled and spits out that his family tree is much better than Simba's. Kopa, the prince of the Pride Lands, is confused by this statement about "family trees" and misinterprets what Sabini and Leo have been arguing about. The lions laugh at Kopa's bewilderment, and Mega tells the cub to ask his father. After Kopa leaves, Leo asks the group if he'd ever told them about the time his great-grandfather saved a cub but is interrupted by Sabini, who cries out, "About a hundred times, Leo!"

Leo later volunteers to help Simba find Kopa, who has run off in search of his family tree.

Physical appearance

Leo is a large and full-grown male lion. He has golden fur, an orange mane, and a pale chest, muzzle, and paws.

Personality and traits

Sabini: Get real, Leo! What you want is Simba's family tree, and you'll never have it.
Leo: Hmmmph. My family tree is even better than Simba's!
—Leo defends himself against Sabini

Perhaps best known for his boastful nature, Leo is an excessive show-off and loves to brag about his family's accomplishments, though it is suggested that he exaggerates these stories profusely. He is also known to be jealous of Simba's family tree, as his own family is dull and boring in comparison.


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