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Somehow, we must get across. The trees offer food and shelter. There's little of either on this side. Will you help us?
―The Lead Monkey to Simba

The lead monkey is a male monkey.



The Lead Monkey lived in the jungle during Scar's reign. He served as the leader of his monkey troop and often struggled to keep his comrades safe from the hungering jaws of Riptail.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Simba Rules, OK?

That's Riptail! Ruler of all crocodiles in the river and the reason why none of us dares drink there!
―The Lead Monkey to Timon
After Timon nearly dies at the jaws of Riptail, the Lead Monkey explains how Riptail has been haunting the river for a very long time, preventing his troop of monkeys from crossing to the more abundant side of the river. Seeing Simba, a fit young lion, he asks the self-exiled prince for help, and Simba agrees.

As the plan to defeat Riptail goes underway, Simba sends the monkey troop to collect vines with Timon and Pumbaa serving as the directors of operations. The monkeys soon return to the river and weave the vines into lassos to capture the crocodile. Under Simba's orders, they climb a tall tree and throw their vines around Riptail's snout and tail, effectively capturing him in vines. After tethering the crocodile to a tree, the monkeys race to the river and drink their fill.

But while the animals are distracted, Riptail breaks free, and Simba is forced to trap him underneath a fallen log. The two negotiate, and with the monkeys' help, Simba frees the crocodile, who helps the Lead Monkey and his troop cross the river safely.

Physical appearance

Identical to the other monkeys in his troop, the Lead Monkey is tall, slim, and deep-chested with a long, winding tail. His fur is a bright tangerine orange, while his feet and hands are colored a deep pink. His chest is stained white, though the hair rimming his face is pure and snowy. His eyes appear to be dark brown or black.

Personality and traits

Though the Lead Monkey's personality is not explored, he appears to be a level-headed leader with a good sense of restraint. He cares deeply for his troop, wanting a better life for them across the river, but his own reserve for safety keeps him from making reckless decisions.