Lake Matope
Lake Matope
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Lake Matope is a location in the Pride Lands. It is the home of the crocodiles.

Physical Attributes

Lake Matope is an enormous lake ringed by sandy banks, rocks, and vegetation.


The Lion Guard

"The Rise of Makuu"

Lake Matope is first mentioned by Pua, who proclaims to his float that a mashindano is traditionally executed near Lake Matope at sunset. Under Pua's direction, Makuu and Pua have their mashindano on the banks of Lake Matope, where Makuu pulls a victory over the aged Pua. After Simba comes forward to recognize the new leader of the crocodiles, he thanks Pua for his service, and the aged crocodile strides away into Lake Matope. Makuu then leads his float into the lake, gloating about his victory.

"The Kupatana Celebration"

Mbeya, a rhinoceros, gets stuck in a mud flat near Lake Matope.

"The Imaginary Okapi"

Lake Matope is seen during the musical sequence "Life in the Pride Lands".

"Ono the Tickbird"

Ono, while filling in as Kifaru's tickbird, assists the rhino in visiting Lake Matope for Tamasha, a cultural event where rhinos spar in the mud together.


  • "Matope" means "mud" in Swahili.[1]


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