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The Pride Lands
A time of peace for the Pride Lands
The Lion Guard

Thank you all for joining us. We're here not just the blooming of the baobab flowers, but to celebrate our community. Our Kupatana. And to honor all of our roles in the Circle of Life.

Kupatana is a highly regarded ceremony in the Pride Lands. It is a tradition featured in "The Kupatana Celebration".



Kupatana is a time of peace where all the animals of the Pride Lands gather together in harmony to celebrate the Circle of Life. It is considered the most peaceful day of the year.

The Lion Guard

"The Kupatana Celebration"

In preparation for Kupatana, Zazu directs a group of Pridelanders in practicing a choral piece for the ceremony. As the Lion Guard listens from afar, they express excitement for the upcoming festivities, and Simba gently explains the importance of the ceremony.

Not long after this, Kion overhears a jackal pup being chased through the Outlands, and Simba allows him to interfere for the sake of Kupatana. Unbeknownst to Kion, the jackal pup is the son of Reirei, who takes advantage of the Pride Lands by following her son into the Pride Lands. While the animals are distracted by the celebration, she and her family attempt to eat as much as they can hold, but they are stopped by the Pridelanders banding together.


  • "Kupatana" means "harmony" in Swahili.[1]



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