Komboli Rangers
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The Komboli Rangers
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The Jungle
King of the Jungle

The Komboli Rangers are meerkats who were set to appear in The Lion King when it was initially titled King of the Jungle.


King of the Jungle

When Simba is exiled from the Ndona Pride, he encounters the Komboli Rangers. The meerkats at first aren't sure what to make of him, and when Simba denies eating meerkats, Tesma asks whether or not they taste good to lions. Finally, the colony concedes to letting Simba stay, and the young lion takes up residence with the wary but friendly meerkats.

Not long after this, a cobra attacks the colony, and though Simba fears for the lives of his friends, Timon assures him that they can handle the snake. Sure enough, the meerkats use teamwork to fight off the cobra, and Simba is impressed with their brains and valor.

As much as Simba enjoys staying with the meerkats, he eventually departs and bids Timon and his family a very fond farewell.

Notable members

  • Timon is the presumed leader of the colony.
  • Tesma is the mate of Timon.

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