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Kion Roars!
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Thea Feldman

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SFI Readerlink Dist; Ltf Brdbk edition


May 22nd, 2018







For coloring and informational errors, see here.

Kion Roars! is a book inspired by The Lion Guard. It will be released on May 22nd, 2018.


Lift a flap on each spread and watch the Lion Guard spring into action! Kion roars and moves a rock trapping a baby fox's tail. Ono uses keen eyesight to find a missing baby antelope. Beshte uses his strength to free Pumbaa from a fallen log. Fuli speeds to reach Timon before a crocodile gets to him, and Bunga's bravery saves a zebra and her baby from powerful floodwater.

Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Bashte, and Ono are part of the Lion Guard protecting the Pride Lands. Ono soars up high looking for a missing baby antelope. Meanwhile, Fuli races to save Timon from danger! Preschoolers can follow along with the riddles inside and lift the flaps to reveal fun surprises![1]


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