King Leopold
King Leopold
King leopold- smirk
Biographical Information

King Leopold






Hakuna Matata



Association Information

King of the Leopards

Familial Information

Princess Claudia (daughter)
Two unnamed sons

King Leopold is a character from The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa who appears in "No-Good Samaritan" along with his daughter Princess Claudia.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"No-Good Samaritan"

Leopold is the king of the leopards. Aside from his daughter Claudia, he has two sons who, according to him, are aggressive.

Leopold is first seen when he's about to attack Timon and Pumbaa. Claudia stops him by saying that they saved her from Banzai the hyena. So Leopold makes Timon and Pumbaa be his daughter's bodyguards since they "saved" her.

While Claudia takes Timon and Pumbaa on wild and outrageous adventures where Timon has rough times, Pumbaa tells his friend that he should tell Leopold the truth about them not saving Claudia's life. Timon reluctantly tries many times to, but all goes wrong as Leopold's wrath grows by Timon's annoyance.

After Timon finally tells Leopold the truth, the king is proud of the meerkat and makes him and Pumbaa look after his two sons, much to Timon's grief.

Physical appearance

Leopold is a brownish-gold leopard with a cream white mouth and chest. He has brown spots, a red nose, and he wears a crown. Unlike his daughter, Leopold stands on two legs.

Personality and traits

Leopold is kind-hearted, but he can also be aggressive, as seen when he's attacking another leopard for not looking after Claudia.

Voice actors


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